It’s an app for music addicted: you can meet new friends, share the journey and enjoy live shows together.

Meet up with people with your same taste for music!

How many times have you decided not to go to a concert because none of your friends knew the band and you didn’t want to go all alone? It happened to all of us, that ‘s why we have decided to create GoGoSound.

Publish a call

Are you looking for someone to go to a concert with? Post a new call specifying the place and time of the departure, the means of transport and of course the destination!

Find your new friends

Answer and chat with people interested in your call on the wall of the app.

Take action

Organise the journey with your fellow travellers or meet your new friends directly at the venue. Enjoy the show!

Find the nearest calls

Check regularly on the map whether there are interesting concerts or new calls nearby.

Interactive map

By choosing a different icon: car or microphone, you can locate on the map departures and concert locations.

Advanced search

You can refine your search by selecting the name of the band, the date of the show or the location.

GoGoSound is an app designed for music lovers

The idea behind GoGoSound is to create a community of members that share the same passion for music. It is new because it merges the sharing economy mechanism with social network dynamics.

Car Polling

GoGoSound helps concert goers to meet each other and share the car journey, reducing carbon emission and saving money at the same time.


Loving the same music is like sharing the same vision of the world.  And our ambition is to help like-minded people to get in touch.

For music lovers!

There are different carpooling apps on the market, but GoGoSound is dedicated exclusively to music lovers, and we count ourselves as part of them!


Our Team

Download GoGoSound and go to the next show!