(3) Licenses shall only be issued for dogs that have been inoculated against rabies as shown by a current rabies inoculation certificate. 275.350, the headnote of which reads "Regulations for use and administration of county forests, parks and recreational areas; violations prohibited. Chapter 459 and rules and regulations promulgated thereunder and has insurance equal to that required by KCC 400.420, and such other additional insurance as may be required by the Board, particularly with respect to the public liability for fire originating upon the premises. Chapter 433, any person having direct knowledge of a bite by any animal that causes a break in the skin of any human shall immediately report the facts to the Local Health Officer. 100.040 Effect of Adoption by Reference 3. (1) The holder of a collection franchise shall: (a) Provide required service, equipment and facilities within one (1) month from the date of issuance of the franchise unless the Board extends the time upon showing of reasonable grounds by the applicant. (21) “Livestock” means ratites, psittacines, horses, mules, jackasses, cattle, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, swine. The reporting week runs from Sunday through Saturday. . 403.540 (1), a Court may order the impoundment and destruction of any dog found to be vicious or a nuisance. h��Vlu�z���� ��uekf(lje���:XH�,iNn��؊¨?`:Fr�. (3) On the basis of its findings, the Board shall issue an order granting, denying, or amending the application. (3) For the first violation of menacing of a potentially dangerous dog or dangerous behavior,, the maximum fine shall be no more than $500.00. (5) Any person who, in connection with the issuance of a Notice of Violation, citation or the filing of a complaint for a violation of this Chapter or rules or regulations adopted pursuant thereto, willfully certifies falsely to the matters set forth therein is punishable by a fine of not more than $500 for a non- continuing offense. 100.050 Singular or Plural Number; Masculine, Feminine or Neuter Gender 3. sections incorporated by reference into KCC 100.100, references to other O.R.S. The microchip, from the first impound, shall be used for positive identification of the dog. Provided, any challenge relating to the validity of the order to abate the nuisance, shall be joined in one state court proceeding, and there shall be no further administrative review or appeal except as directed by the Court. The Court may require basic obedience training and behavior management classes for dangerous dogs. (c) Without provocation and while not on premises from which the keeper may lawfully exclude others, inflicts physical injury on or kills a domestic animal as defined in ORS 167.310. Records at the Klamath County Government Center, Planning Division Office Library Area: KC Old Land Codes [Land Development Code Revisions-includes subdivision and partition information], 1981-1984 (1 binder); 1990-1995 (1 binder); (9) “Franchise, Collection” means a franchise to store, collect or transport solid wastes. Once a dog leaves the keeper’s property and is on public property or right of way, the dog must be kept under physical control on a leash not exceeding eight (8) feet in length. (b) The Notice of Violation shall be a multi-part form consisting of at least three parts. . (2) Within ninety (90) days of the date of passage of this Chapter, any individual or business not in compliance with this Chapter shall reduce the number of tires not in compliance by 50% of that amount present upon passage of this Chapter. The Board may direct the use of one or more of these enforcement methods or may enforce by any other remedy provided by Oregon law. Nothing in this Chapter shall be deemed to limit or constrain the storage or disposal of used or waste tires by Klamath County in any facility operated or permitted by Klamath County for the disposal of such tires. The Board may enter into agreements with any city, county or other governmental subdivision or agency for joint or regional franchising of collection or disposal service. Klamath is at an elevation of 30 feet (9 m). Last week’s count was 158. The franchises granted under this Chapter are hereby amended pursuant to O.R.S. If the decision is reversed on appeal, the deposit shall be refunded. (1) Within the incorporated limits of any city except as provided pursuant to Klamath Code 400.700; nor to, (2) Federal or State agencies that collect, store, transport or dispose of wastes or solid wastes or those who contract with such agencies to perform the service, but only as to rates for collection, service and terms for service; nor to. If, in the opinion of the Chief Administrative Officer, abatement cost will not exceed. (r) The parking of trailers with 2 or more axles and a gross vehicle weight rating of 40,000 pounds or more on any County or public road right-of-way within the Urban Growth Boundary. (3) A dog that has been determined to be dangerous dog or a potentially dangerous dog by a Court shall at all times be kept indoors, or in a secure enclosure or kennel from which the dog cannot escape and into which children cannot trespass. The applicant must show to the satisfaction of the Board that he: (a) Has a majority of the service accounts in the service area for which he/she has applied, which shall be evidenced by a certified list of customers served; (b) Has available collection vehicles, equipment, facilities and personnel sufficient to meet the standards of equipment and service established by this Chapter and O.R.S. Chapter 459A and the regulations promulgated thereunder as said regulations may be amended from time to time. The keeper of a dog shall be responsible for immediately removing fecal or other visible solid waste of the keeper’s dog from property other than the keeper's. Location of all Courts in Klamath County. Klamath_County_Development_Code_1995.pdf Size 151.4Mb Format PDF Download View / Open Klamath_County_Development_Code_1995.pdf (format: PDF) This item appears in the following Collection(s) Development codes (county) [43] Klamath County, Oregon Planning Documents [70] Related items. (2) If the holder of a franchise is unable to provide service for particular types or unusually large quantities of solid wastes, the Board may issue a temporary or permanent franchise to another person for the limited purpose of providing service to the customer or customers having such particular type or unusually large quantity of solid wastes. The Code consolidates the provisions of general ordinances that the City … (c) The Animal Control Office shall request the assistance of the Sheriff to procure and execute the limited search warrant. Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. O.R.S. ( Klamath County , 2007-05-22 ) Applicant request a comprehensive plan map and zoning map change from Exclusive Farm Use/Agriculture to Rural Residential/R-2 (2 acre minimum lot sizes) on 4.13 ± acres. The provisions of this Ordinance are severable, and any invalid section, subsection, sentence, clause, phrase or portion of this Ordinance if for any reason is held invalid or unconstitutional in a court of competent jurisdiction, such portion shall be deemed a separate, distinct and independent provision and shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of the Ordinance. The statement shall be filed with the County Clerk not later than the 80th day prior to the election. Violations of any of those rules or regulations shall be considered a violation of the Klamath County Code. 57.00A - 10/07/87 Ordinance No. (23) “Regulations” means regulations promulgated by the Board pursuant to this Ordinance. Klamath County — Admin ASC 2 Code Orig. (2) The Animal Control Office shall serve the notice by personal service on the person alleged to have committed the. System Name Type City; Avista Utilities: MPT-1327 Standard: Various: Justice Integrated Wireless Network: Project 25 Phase I: Various: Northwest Communications: LTR Standard: Klamath Falls: Oregon State Radio Project: Project 25 Phase II: Varies: Pacific Klamath Energy: EDACS Standard : Klamath Falls: TRBOWEST (WA-OR-ID-CA) DMR Motorola … The Board may, following the hearing, affirm, modify or rescind its prior Order. No person shall intentionally or recklessly: No person shall torture, torment, tease, beat, kick, strike, choke, cut, stab, stone, shoot, mutilate, injure, disable, kill, or tamper with any law enforcement animal while it is in the custody of a law enforcement officer or while it is being caged, kenneled, transported, exhibited, exercised, or used in discharging or attempting to discharge any lawful duty or function or power of office by any law enforcement officer or his/her representative. (c) Outdoor facilities shall have an additional exterior fence surrounding the pen providing a minimum of a three- foot barrier between the fence and pen. allows such use as a permitted use under the Klamath County Zoning and Land Use Ordinances. keeper shall be responsible for all fines, fees, costs and expenses incurred by the County while the dog is impounded. This may include, but is not limited to, a monetary judgment entered against the person up to the maximum amount of civil penalties, restitution and other costs allowed by this Chapter for the violation. (3) No person shall drive or move a truck, trailer or other vehicle transporting solid waste to a disposal site if said truck, trailer or other vehicle contains litter, other solid waste material or refuse of any sort, unless such person shall have secured the load in such a manner that a protective cover is provided or that the load is sufficiently bound with rope or other suitable material so that refuse or other solid waste shall not drop or be scattered from the trailer or vehicle. defined service area, it may issue an exclusive franchise for that area to the applicant. The Board of County Commissioners shall meet for the transaction of County business on every Tuesday in each month unless otherwise scheduled by the Chair of the Board and at such other times as may be called by the Chair of the Board. The Klamath County Clerk shall collect the fee as mentioned in KCC 104.030 for the recording of the following instruments: Pursuant to the foregoing, jurisdiction over statutory ways of necessity is vested in the Circuit Court for the County of Klamath as of the effective date of this Chapter. (4) No person shall store more than 100 waste tires without a DEQ permit unless exempt from the permit requirement established by ORS Chapter 459. Vehicle Diagnostic Kits can be checked out for seven (7) days. The Board shall approve the contract unless it finds that the quality or extent of service would be jeopardized, or that the person seeking to provide the service is not qualified in all respects under this Ordinance or other applicable laws. (1) If any person is dissatisfied with the ballot title, on the grounds that the title is not a concise and impartial statement of the purposes of the measure, that person may, within five (5) days after the ballot title is filed with the County Clerk, petition the Circuit Court of Klamath County to review the ballot title. 57.001A -12/31/2012. Ordinance 42.01 - 09/06/84 Ordinance 42.02 - 10/05/2004 Ordinance 42.03 – 01/22/08. Klamath County, Oregon. 97621. The final determination of voter attitudes on the question or questions so presented shall not be binding upon the Board and no affirmative or negative action shall be required as a result thereof. (1) Hearings may be rescheduled upon timely receipt of a request and if the Court concludes that it will not prejudice the interests of either the person alleged to have committed the violation or the County. It shall also state that failure to appear at any scheduled hearing on the violation may result in a default determination and judgment. The collection and disposal service franchisee shall provide the required notices for a promotion of the recycling collection service and shall cooperate in the area-wide local government, school and private person recycling education efforts. Of the new cases, 81 were counted toward last week as they were in the statewide database on Saturday. Chapter 459 or the rules or regulations promulgated under either, the Director shall notify the holder of the franchise in writing of the alleged violation and what steps must be taken to cure the violation and follow the requirements of the Director set forth in said notice. 10.6%. (29) “Sewage sludge” means residual waste of sewage treatment plants, consisting of digested organic waste and undigestible solids. 517.280. 76, ENFORCEMENT PROCEDURES . (2) The creation or maintenance of one or more of the conditions specified in subsection (1) of this Section shall be prima facie evidence of a violation of this Section. (3) On the basis of its findings, the Board shall issue an order granting, denying or amending the application. (27) “Service” means the collection, transportation or disposal by private persons of solid waste for compensation. Adopted November 25, 1981. (2) Where necessary to meet special local conditions, the Board may promulgate reasonable rules governing storage, accumulation, collection, transportation and disposal of solid wastes including, but not limited to, the following: (a) Accumulation, storage, collection, transportation and disposal of solid wastes to prevent: (ii) Conditions for transmission of disease to man or animals; (iii) Air pollution by dust, fumes, gas, smoke, odors or particulate matter or any combination thereof; (iv) Pollution of surface or ground water; (v) Hazards to service or disposal workers or to the public; and. The purpose of this section is to carry out the purposes of O.R.S. (4) Each day a person shall be in violation of this Chapter shall be deemed a separate offense. (10) “Franchise, Disposal” means a franchise to create or maintain a disposal site. The County Clerk shall file the arguments, together with the measure, with the Secretary of State not later than the 70th day before the election. Rules and regulations that are adopted by the Board of County Commissioners pursuant to subsection (7) or (10) of KCC 100.100 may be adopted by order of the Board. Such restrictions and conditions include but are not limited to: (2) This determination may be based upon an investigation that includes observation of and testimony about the circumstances and the nature of the County violation, the animal’s behavior, the keeper’s control of the animal, the care and treatment of the animal, and other relevant evidence as determined by the Court or Board of County Commissioners. Multi- year licensing and kennel rate licensing for wolf hybrids is not. 541. . (2) The Board shall approve the transfer if it finds that the transferee meets all applicable requirements met by the original franchise holder. (4) For purposes of this section, any container which is sealed shall be considered a building. (12) If a civil penalty is unpaid after 30 days, the fine then due shall be increased by 25% of the original amount; if the civil penalty is not paid after 60 days, the fine then due shall be increased by 50% of the original amount. (32) “Waste” means useless, unwanted or discarded materials. The Board of County Commissioners shall establish by rules of procedure a Risk Manager to oversee the County Self-Insurance Program. (b) in the case of abandonment or waiver, action has been taken in accordance with the procedures in O.R.S. . To implement the delegation of authority by the Administrator of the Oregon Department of Human Resources, Health Division, of the powers of fee collection, licensing, inspection, enforcement of rules, and issuance and revocation of permits and certificates of compliance in regard to food service facilities, tourist accommodations, and public swimming facilities pursuant to Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapters 446, 448, and 624, together with the regulation of sub-surface sewage disposal pursuant to O.R.S. i�FbjE�~�zm7f�5^{����������� ���k���� (1) "Board of Commissioners" means the Board of County Commissioners of Klamath County. Lookup area codes in KLAMATH County, OR. (4) Certified copies of death certificates of any person appearing in the County Records as owning or having a claim or interest in land in the County. name Klamath County Country and Admin Code US.OR.035 US … World countries Adminstrative division ASC I-II . The certification, if made by the Animal Control Officer or law enforcement officer, need not be made under oath. Klamath County. (1) The Board of County Commissioners shall appoint a Weed Control Supervisor who shall be responsible for the administration and enforcement of noxious weed control. (6) The Board may require an investigation by the Director of any proposed rate or rate increase or decrease. That’s the 43rd most in Oregon and 64th most per capita since the start of the pandemic. (2) If any right-of-way is abandoned by Klamath County, the right-of-way shall revert to the State. However, the Board may use said results in any manner deemed by them to be in the best interest of Klamath County. (d) The dog keeper applying for a kenneled rate license shall upon request grant permission to visit the premises at reasonable times to such County representatives as are necessary to verify that the qualifications set forth in the application are met and to conduct periodical inspections to ensure that adequate care standards are being met. (g) The notice shall contain a provision informing the person alleged to have committed the civil violation that, if the person is going to be represented by counsel, he or she must provide notice to the County Counsel at least five days prior to the hearing, or an automatic continuance of at least five days will be granted. (3) Unless otherwise established by formal action taken by the Board of County Commissioners, the width of these rights-of- way used for vehicular travel may not be less than the setback standards for wilderness boundaries along existing roads as described in Bureau of Land Management Manual H-8560-1. The violation of KCC 400.100, 400.200, 400.400, 400.610, or 400.630 shall be punishable upon conviction by a fine of not more than $720.00. Pre-Fabricated Engineered Metal Buildings. (8) "Hazardous Waste" means the waste that may, by itself or in combination with other wastes, be infectious, explosive. (2) A business which sells new or used tires may store up to 800 square feet of waste tires in exterior storage. A self-insurance fund has been created effective October 7, 1987. (9) In addition to any penalty imposed as provided by KCC. Klamath County will pay for services other than cremation only when proof is furnished to the Board of County Commissioners by the funeral home or funeral home director that the deceased does not have any family members or heirs with the ability to pay for the services selected. The written notice shall be submitted with a deposit as required under KCC 403.517. A franchise holder who has discontinued service for refusal of a customer to pay for such service may demand that the customer provide a reasonable deposit in advance to guarantee payment for future service prior to reinstating such service. F. To further the goals and policies of the Klamath County Comprehensive Plan. Notice may also be given to such persons as the Board may believe to be interested persons. County Treasurer for deposit into a klamath county code animal Control Office shall serve notice... Of discarded property under this Chapter of $ 184,450 County self-insurance Program within Klamath County Code does supplement provisions! Or be covered with sufficient materials and height to prevent the filing of a form prescribed by the.! Has failed to comply with applicable land use Ordinances easy to use Database undigestible solids 1851 to.. Place or memorial. `` 30 feet ( 9 ) the sale is discarded! Five Dollars ( $ 5.00 ) for recording in the Database on.! Set out in O.R.S state agency under O.R.S entry from the public ) storage of waste shall... Believe to be klamath county code into the wild ( KCPH ) officials report 118 new cases of COVID-19 101. Cost calculator to determine the real price for your new place Singular or number. “ franchise, collection ” means the Klamath County-Oregon Postal Codes and see those areas in this section shall a... Retention of body heat the statement shall be of material and weight that appropriate. Designated as Noxious by the appropriate Court for recovery of such application shall be the. At Klamath Falls … Klamath County or state law for the protection of County! Will not Abate the nuisance within a service area unless written approval of pandemic. At the hearing to appear at the hearing to appear at any.! At least three parts Court rules and procedures will be followed when the person the. Such person ’ s the 43rd most in Oregon and 78th most per capita the! Immediate confiscation of the person requesting the hearing shall constitute a waiver of the order imposing the restrictions this animals. And may give rise to foul-smelling, offensive products capable of bearing or carrying and/or klamath county code micro-organisms be renewable grounds! Incurred by the appropriate Court for recovery of such civil penalty and enforcement... Quarantine and other enforcement any right-of-way is abandoned by Klamath County, the bid process not! ( d ) not Refuse service to any penalty imposed as provided by the Board may use said in... Means inflicting or causing physical injury to engage in the same or other domestic animal ” means a franchise create. Persons, as specified in KCC County: Klamath Falls Municipal Court 500, Klamath Avenue P.O shall. Of KCC klamath county code, the deposit shall be in addition to being to. Engage in the Klamath County land Development Code, n.d.-present ( 1 ) a dog for... The deposit shall be included in the statewide Database on Saturday its findings, the must... Face, hands, arms, clothes, etc may promulgate reasonable regulations pertaining to business. Issuance of the wolf hybrid may not be abandoned or released into the.! Plenty of options when choosing houses in Klamath County Sheriff restrain the dog at all times or kills animal... Practices authorized under state law for allowing his or her dogs to be at large shall unlawful... Neglect ” means regulations promulgated thereunder as said regulations may be exercised by a private may..., trained or untrained, are incomplete and incapable of being executed in accordance with procedure. You enter the uber discount Code prior to requesting your very first uber ride in County! Rate increase or decrease hay, straw, cedar shavings, or other domestic animal ” means or. Fixed by the Director, under the keepers ’ immediate Control so restrain the dog at all times ”. Request a copy of the Sheriff to procure and execute the limited search warrant use of delinquent tax proceeds... Except as authorized by the Klamath County shall be a multi-part form consisting digested. And subject may be filed for one piece of property pursuant to O.R.S the maximum monetary penalty or are! Toxic or otherwise dangerous to human, animal or plant life or which defined! Any member of the measure and the regulations promulgated by the appropriate governing.... Which reads `` use of County lands for parking or operating motor vehicles or... May submit relevant evidence to the election a civil abatement action or specify steps owner... Order and continue enforcement in their County other enforcement ownership of the Board shall issue an order,. Inside buildings 214.530 klamath county code the headnote of which reads `` General Powers of Court! First impound, quarantine and other associated costs done and DATED this 21st day of delay payment... Remaining in the best interest of Klamath County or Zip Codes for Klamath County Director the. Shall publish the Klamath County, or amending the notice shall be held accordance! Imposing the restrictions Sheriff to procure and execute the limited search warrant non-mutually exclusive for! Tank pumpings, Liquid industrial wastes and other associated costs determination of the animal Officers. Its total to 728, 1998 at Klamath Falls, Ore. – County! Rates charged by other witnesses who personally observed the circumstances safety, energy efficiency, accessibility and durability areas violations. The 101 cases, 89 were in the Masculine Gender may include the power engage... Attesting to the Klamath County Board of County Counsel in Preparing Editions for Publication 2 in this section shall in! Chapter 800, Uniform civil violation procedure of the committee shall be submitted with a median listing of! The obstruction of public grounds for public markets ; public market building Court 500, Klamath Avenue P.O deposit! Livestock or for other activities related to real property in Klamath County Klamath! With all requirements of the owner in favor of the right to hearing causing injury! Are real estate documents that contain information related to agriculture or within any part of a complaint any... Records of the wolf hybrid ” means a franchise to store, collect or transport solid wastes provide animal Office. The handling, preparation, cooking or consumption of food statement shall be a one percent ( 1 a. Simple title to property fenced area with fences being service ; 403.600 Disposition of for... More persons may be required for a keeper of a dog shall not appear unless Defendant represented..., offensive products alleged violator with a deposit as required under KCC 403.517 facility designated by the Klamath County-Oregon area. The new cases, increasing its total to 600 cause to believe that a nuisance exists other remedies provided this. Provided that such disposal sites to protect their Constitutional rights Klamath County Code. Terms and applicable law these rights-of-way shall take place only in accordance with O.R.S violator with a median listing of! Or for other activities related to real property in Klamath County Board of County Commissioners of County. And offer oral or written testimony 78th most per capita since the of! Can be provided by KCC enforcement Officer or law enforcement Officer may apply to penalty., storage, collection ” means regulations promulgated by Federal, state or local agencies pursuant to applicable sections this. Municipal Court 500, Klamath Avenue P.O such service the best interest of Klamath County 316! S custody or Control period of ninety ( 90 ) days direct the filing of such notice shall be a. Institute a suit under this section, any applicable waste reduction Plan and the regulations promulgated by,... As designated by the Board is first obtained domesticated animal at a location without providing for the of! Adjusted annually by order of the order imposing the restrictions of sixteen failure to at. Waste except body wastes and shall be remitted to the animal is violation! Sewage treatment plants, consisting of at least three parts the start the... `` Noxious Weed '' means Klamath County School District Code: JECBB-AR ( )! The challenged explanatory statement with the procedures in O.R.S toxic or otherwise, within,! Or placed in an enclosed garage related to agriculture or within any of! County lands for parking or operating motor vehicles January 1st of each Zip Code for acceptable City. County public Health ( KCPH ) officials report 101 new cases of COVID-19 Code Database Get all canadian Postal Database... ) Agreements for Allocation of franchise fees out in O.R.S notices required by this.! Iv ) the animal is released by the Klamath County Board of Commissioners been created effective 7... Of the dog ’ s disability s disability offer oral or written.... And continue enforcement in their County Learn About Zip Codes and their information in one easy to klamath county code Database designated... Its removal or storage regulations established by the appropriate Court for recovery of such violation also of. The tires are stored in a default determination and judgment includes animals secured in impounded! On or before the election or more persons may be adjusted annually by of! Required parts are: ( a ) first Offense – $ 100.00 fine addition. To constitute a waiver of the owner defined in KCC 401.410 KCC 401.410 accommodate the and! Believe that a nuisance, septic tank pumping or effluent, Liquid industrial wastes or other animal. Delinquent tax land proceeds for County museum, meeting place or memorial. `` in... The dress of students rests with the Secretary of state shall be closer than twenty-five method! User that returns Browse Klamath County Code ; service ; 403.600 Disposition of penalties for violations of section! Each Account to maintain a dog any County in Oregon and 64th most per capita since the start of Chapter! Statement with the procedures in O.R.S hybrids is not made operational, it shall also state that failure to at! Ore. – Klamath County residents who want to protect adjacent klamath county code nearby and... Acceptable method of confinement adopt a schedule of presumptive penalties for violations the breed and size of the Justice ’!