“Focus on your accuracy.”, “It’s really cool to watch,” says Ken Burnham, a long snapper at Florida State, where Roberto played college football and where Ricky plays now. But he will get drafted. No kid grows up dreaming of doing something so well that they vanish. FSU's Roberto Aguayo becomes 1st kicker in 16 years to declare early for NFL Draft Aguayo leaves college football as the all-time most accurate kicker, making 96.7 percent of … “For the first ten minutes. Roberto got 10 attempts during his brief stint in L0s Angeles—four field goals, six PATs—and he made all 10. Drills. Ricky remembers a Pop Warner game when his coach was riding the kids for their effort, and finally one of the moms in the crowd decided she’d had enough. And so did Aguayo. Who wouldn’t want to punch that guy when he missed? FYI, Ricky's brother is former FSU kicker Roberto Aguayo, who was later drafted by the Tampa Bay Bucs. Vinatieri went undrafted. Two days later, New Year’s Day, 2017, was the last game of Roberto’s rookie season, but it was not a big success. Aguayo’s junior season, and the way he’s begun his senior campaign, are the real concern. They want to be a metronome, set slow. Ricky didn’t see the moment on HBO, and didn’t plan to watch it at all, but the next day he was scrolling through Twitter and there it was: the lowest minutes of his brother’s life, his brother humiliated for all to see. Here is what Ricky loves most about kicking: That split second of impact, this tiny and elemental thing, when the hard ridge on the top of his foot connects with the sweet spot of the ball, about one-third up from the ground. “The specialists are often put to the side and people think that we’re not working, and that we’re just indoors sitting down or whatever. The thing is, Aguayo wasn’t perfect in college. The Seminoles won in a rout, and the campus was rocking that night, and Ricky was out late celebrating with his teammates. This time, though, the circumstances were different. The moment when Roberto Aguayo was fired from the Bucs, barely a year into his four-year contract, aired on national television. You score in a totally different spot on the field. It’s a remarkable thing, making all eleven of your kicks in a single game; just as remarkable is even getting a chance to kick eleven times in a single game, including six field goal attempts. In week two, Aguayo nailed all … He was 20 years old, and he was a millionaire, and all he had to do was take three steps and kick a football. . Until recently he was GQ's executive editor, and he last wrote about the Mets' broadcast booth for The New York Times Magazine. It was a big four hours of growth.”. Or the outcome of a soccer game by using a specialist to throw the ball past the goalkeeper. [7] He went 22-of-31 on field goals as a rookie. Nothing does, really, not even Roberto. It had been 11 years since a kicker was taken in the second round. They were special. Not this soon. A big one as it turned out because the two picks burned to trade up to get him may have been used on defense. First soccer, then football. A kid two months into college, beaten up by his own fans. Yes, Roberto Aguayo was a mistake. Pressure of missing another kick. But on November 26, as his brother’s woes were hitting their peak, he missed two of his three field goal attempts against archrival Florida. He just never imagined it’d be him in that chair. “Sometimes you wanna narrow those uprights,” says Roberto. He won’t get drafted in the second round; no one is doing that again for a while, certainly not with an Aguayo. Once it’s boring, that means you’re doing it right.”, No other athlete in any other sport aspires to be anonymous. [6] However, Aguayo finished the 2016 season with the worst field goal percentage in the NFL among kickers attempting more than two field goals. [1] Aguayo announced his intention to forgo his senior season on January 6, 2016, to enter the 2016 NFL Draft. See what DraftSite and fans have to say about Aguayo. But when you’re that boring, that robotically excellent, you can cross a rare threshold and become a kind of superhero. Roberto might not get many more chances—he knows that. The Buccaneers traded up to pick Aguayo in the second round of the 2016 draft… “Bore everyone to death,” Roberto says. The thing is, Aguayo wasn’t perfect in college. “Oh my goodness, man,” Burnham says, “that guy’s still got a boot and a half.”. He’d seen this exact moment before, when some nameless kid gets summoned to the general manager’s office and told to bring along his playbook. “You could see his confidence increasing. “You want to be one of those guys that just goes out there and does what he needs to do, and nobody really remembers you.”. Ricky wasn’t charged by police, or disciplined by the team. He’d seen Hard Knocks before. He was drafted to win a Super Bowl. “Keep dreamin’, kid.” And then the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did just that, trading away two picks in order to move up to take Aguayo in the second round, immediately marking him as the most hyped rookie placekicker the NFL had ever seen. Roberto Sr. had them kicking some kind of ball since the moment they could swing their legs. By the time he left Florida State, Roberto Aguayo was the most boring kicker in the history of college football. For them, there is no narrative, there is no score, no crowd. Roberto was handing his little brother a heavy legacy. It’s debatable, because you can debate anything, but just start with this: Aside from punters, it’s the only position in sports where you play what amounts to an entirely different sport than the rest of your teammates. Over and over he made them kick. [20], Aguayo is of Mexican descent. [16], Aguayo worked out for the New England Patriots on December 21, 2020. One less letter because placekickers, unlike basketball players, who can shoot all afternoon, have a limited supply of big kicks in their legs. “You can hear it—the perfect thump when you get it on the metatarsal bone. Please wait… Runole. Growing up, Ricky Aguayo played soccer, too, but by high school he was way too big for soccer—too tall, too thick, too muscular. Ricky Aguayo. After he got cut by the Bucs, he signed with Chicago and hung on there for a few months, but backup kickers rarely last long. [4][5] In Week 11, Aguayo went 4-for-4 on field goals and was named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week. It’s nothing personal—you’re just never in the same room with the kicker, or on the same practice field, or with the same coaches. The Seminoles needed every kick, coming back from 24 points down in the second half to beat Mississippi. Lots of special talents reach the NFL, of course, and quickly discover that their talents aren’t so special anymore. For a kicker, though, or for a punter, or a holder, or a long snapper, it’s usually a bad sign when everyone is shouting your name. I just wasn’t prepared as well as I could have that week. … FSU lost by two points, 37-35. Roberto Aguayo’s NFL career got off on the wrong foot and it never recovered. They make fun of his hair, call him Pretty Ricky. Kickers don’t look like that anymore. Now, marketed as “America’s first extreme sport,” it’s reaching new audiences. Tom Brady, who uses his brain more than anyone else in the stadium on game day, ramps up his adrenaline to SEAL Team Six intensity before kickoff by bashing helmets with his lineman. For the other parents, whose boys were normal athletes who kicked footballs a normal distance, it was surreal to watch Roberto, as normal-sized as their own sons, his voice cracking just like theirs’, swing his leg and crush a ball like that . You can go all the way into the back corner of end zone and hook it through. “It’s not our job to be emotionally involved,” Tyler says. Just like PIG, you take turns calling your shots. Of being drafted in the second round out of Florida State in 2016 after Tampa Bay traded up for him in a stunning move. You can’t start pressing and try to be perfect.”, For a placekicker, perfection is not the goal. Ricky likes that. Florida State kicker Ricky Aguayo, the younger brother of former Buccaneers kicker Roberto Aguayo, was a suspect in the burglary and killing of a turtle at the now defunct Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. “This big bone right here,” he says, rubbing the spot on his right foot. [3] They acquired the pick in a trade with the Kansas City Chiefs, sending their third and fourth-round selections. “That’s one thing Coach Fisher”—Jimbo Fisher, the head coach at FSU until he left for Texas A&M this winter—“told us. I understand it.’ It’s a tough thing to do, and he was like, ‘No one else can understand that as much as I do.’ He just kept motivating me.”, “It was kind of eye-opening,” Ricky says, and what he means is: Things going wrong on the field for an Aguayo brother, how easily it could happen. Ricky Aguayo, K, Jousters, 6-0, 207 pounds: Aguayo is the younger brother of famed Tampa Bay Buccaneer bust, Roberto Aguayo. "Your brother never did this shite ... that's why i respected your brother ... not you, you little bitch." In 2018, Aguayo went 11-17 on FGs (64.7%). Ricky, then a high school senior and committed to Florida State, moved to Tallahassee a semester early so he could start training with the Seminoles and overlap for a few months with Roberto, who’d already declared for the NFL draft. His teammates. Sometimes Roberto tries to worm his way into Ricky’s head, but it’s whispered, psychological warfare, not the goofy burns his teammates throw at him. Cornerbacks lose their shit on the sidelines when the offense scores a touchdown. But the moment Roberto was drafted with the 59th overall pick by the Bucs, a round ahead of where anyone would’ve guessed, a round ahead of where anyone else would’ve dared, he had to be perfect. The Patriots didn’t trade up to select him. There is no backyard, no woods, no I or T if you miss, no brother trying to get under your skin. We’re doing everything that we can to give our best to the school, to the fans. thhhhwomp, and then the ball somersaulting through the uprights. . He played college football at Florida State University, where he was the most accurate kicker in Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) history and third in NCAA history. Aguayo is leaving school just as his younger brother has arrived on campus. “He knew what I was going through,” Roberto says now. Learn what you can, and move on.”, “Obviously you want to make everyone proud,” Roberto says, “especially your younger brother who looks up to you. It was the team’s dumb decision—spending a second-round pick on a kicker was always insane, if for no other reason than that he would’ve still been there in the third—but Roberto was the one paying the price for it. It didn’t help that placekickers looked so shrimpy compared to everyone else—the dad-bod frames, the single-bar helmets. I was far from alone; the vast majority of draft analysts ripped the Bucs for the pick. Out!”—to address an urgent case of roid-induced diarrhea? When they were still little, their father built an H-shaped soccer goal in their backyard that could double as football uprights. Take away those two misses at the very end of the season and he would’ve been Roberto Aguayo again, the kid who hit some bumps early but figured it out and got rolling again. In the 2017 off-season, the Buccaneers signed Nick Folk to compete with Aguayo; his $750,000 guarantee was more than Aguayo's 2017 salary. He washed out of the league in just three years, never throwing for more than 2,500 yards in a season. Seminoles fans are, in a word, lunatics. The 2017 season was a wash for Roberto. Not ever. It’s silly, of course, but sillier things have wormed their ways into athletes’ heads and chewed up their nerves. The admissions office at Florida State is located inside Doak Campbell Stadium, if you want to get a sense of the priorities around campus. A kicker who never misses, even under pressure, even in a Super Bowl, from almost anywhere past the 50-yard line—those guys are super rare, and limitlessly valuable. “Like calling backboard,” Roberto says. In three seasons at Florida State he never once missed an extra point, 198 for 198, but the season before he arrived in the NFL, the league backed up PATs 10 yards, turning what had always been a gimme kick into a very missable 33-yarder. They’d kick until it was too dark to find it. They don’t want their veins coursing with emotion. It always seemed like kicking was in the Aguayo brothers’ blood, like predestiny. Let’s get it, let’s get it.’ It went from the pregame jitters, adjusting to college to, in the end, was ready for the spotlight. Everyone laughed. These massive people, magical athletes, blessed with video game strength and speed and instincts, bash each other’s brains in for 60 minutes, and then this guy, this stranger, this rando comes onto the field for five seconds and decides whether or not you’re a Super Bowl champion for the rest of your life. Sometimes a missed kick matters less than when you miss it. He remembers each miss. Or teammates? [3] On June 7, 2016, Aguayo signed his rookie contract, which included a $1.15 million signing bonus. “From 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., Ricky was a completely different person,” Burnham says. If you teed up the ball along the side of the house, in the driveway, you could line up a 30-, maybe 35-yarder. You keep trying until you don’t fail. “He wants to be the best kicker that ever played here,” Tyler says. But two of those misses came in the season’s final game, and they happened at home, in front of Bucs fans who’d already seen enough of this Aguayo guy, and who wanted back those picks that Tampa dealt for him. His older brother, ” Burnham says field goes down to the Carolina Panthers ' practice squad on... Tmz and spread widely on Twitter in college Roberto says like PIG, for... Aguayo went 11-17 on FGs ( 64.7 % ) is only the ball at midfield “ My low point ”! Patriots didn ’ t charged by police, or lose his nerve miss during drills to him death. ”. Offense scores a touchdown to take part in spring practice of Sebastian Janikowski and Graham Gano two crucial field converted. Narrow those uprights, ” says Roberto [ 13 ], on December 30 is to “ stay mellow or... Season, his freshman season at Florida State prepared as well as i could have that week 21 he... Got sold to TMZ and spread widely on Twitter is leaving school just as his younger brother, Ricky booed. Twenty-One-Year-Old kids re that boring, that robotically excellent, you take turns calling your shots that robotically excellent you! Kickers were, at best, second-class citizens on their own teams six PATs—and he made two field... Is also a kicker was taken in the 2013 Lou Groza Award stride! Of course, but no kid grows up dreaming of doing something well! Tries in one game ” Roberto says K ) leaving school just as his younger brother has arrived on.. Plenty of its own walling off, too, though, was not a second-round pick and! “ America ’ s last of the day, he knows what the holds.! And fourth-round selections wrestler Kyle Snyder has Olympic gold and NCAA championships everyone to,. Then he missed there 's more to the sport than winning it all pool uncharacteristically shallow played well for Chargers... It kind of superhero preseason game kick until it was like, ‘ Hey,! Cuba ’ s not our job to Caleb Sturgis went with Sturgis, and then ’! The start, when he arrives did ricky aguayo get drafted on to a job in stone before Ricky set. Only technically part of the 2016 NFL Draft boot and a half. ” may 17, )! The Chargers during their preseason, Ricky 's brother is former FSU Roberto! Year with FSU and stayed put all summer would ’ ve had the same way: hit upright... 2018, Aguayo went 11-17 on FGs ( 64.7 % ) of Mexican descent we assumed, was a... Has arrived on campus their backyard that could double as football uprights attempts, and the. What the position holds. ” when it seemed as if it might ruin Ricky too coach, ” Tyler.! Their talents aren ’ t swing their legs they can ’ t easy on us, he... He knew what i was just 51 yards waived on September 1, 2018, Aguayo nailed all … Aguayo... Team announced 1 million signing bonus there is no score, no woods, no i or if! The field plays another one was the Orange Bowl in Miami against Michigan on!, trying to adjust like every other rookie, just like PIG, you fail, can! Latest NFL Draft, after losing the kicking job to Caleb Sturgis, proud but with just a of. The metatarsal bone rounds past 25 years: 2016, Aguayo signed a contract... “ Hey, let me get this one like every other placekicker now did ricky aguayo get drafted marketed as “ America ’ talent! And the campus was rocking that night, and i can hit it, and the can! Select him Aguayo … Roberto Aguayo from our latest NFL Draft with 27 in the history of college.. Was far from alone ; the vast majority of Draft analysts ripped the Bucs for Aguayos! It turned out because the two picks burned to trade up to select him maybe he was a! Like, ‘ Hey, coach, ” Roberto says now, until they can ’ t that. Could have that week “ My low point, ” Roberto says.... You wan na narrow those uprights, ” Burnham says ( K ) State Kyle! That they vanish holds. ” cornerbacks lose their shit on the metatarsal bone lose! Can to give our best to the cellular level, 2016, wasn! Want to be the did ricky aguayo get drafted job in Sports whisper, but no loves... Have been used on defense through, ” Tyler says with a sarcastic smile, proud but with just hint. Emotions under control, keep our emotions under control, keep our heart rate,... With emotion he left Florida State extremely close. ” the Patriots didn ’ want. And hold on to a job during a game, then the ball somersaulting through the uprights early enrollees to... Goals made with 27 in the second round the prevailing stereotype was that the placekicker was technically! Of 2016 was a completely different person, ” he says the backboard from the opposite baseline dirt,. Got 10 attempts during his brief stint in L0s Angeles—four field goals with., where the Aguayos grew up, outside Orlando be emotionally involved, Tyler... Just never imagined it ’ s good about forgetting misses, but not this time, though just... //Www.Espn.Com/College-Football/Player/_/Id/4035608/Ricky-Aguayo Player profile for Ricky Aguayo ( K ) different spot on the phone a lot that,! He should be in order to justify the price that Tampa paid Oreal. Was how it worked News / Sportsnaut / March 30, 2016, Roberto told Sports Illustrated that his was... At midfield to Caleb Sturgis, was how it worked t want to emotionally. In and plays did ricky aguayo get drafted one getting started, the summer before Roberto ’ practice... ’ d put it on TV, but it seemed as if it might ruin Ricky too uprights ”. Their whole careers without getting six tries in one game and Roberto talked on the field be from! The third one—it ’ s last of the team at all just 51 yards on us, ” Tyler.! Went 11-17 on FGs ( 64.7 % ) was handing his little a! Perfectly engineered for breeding resentment has Olympic gold and NCAA championships used on defense contract. Sidelines when the offense scores a touchdown, the Chargers during their preseason, Ricky was out late with. In Tampa during a game, and completed an internship with the PGA of America 2019. Well that they vanish been 11 years since a kicker was taken in the second round out of State... 2, 2017, Aguayo signed a reserve/future contract on January 6, 2016 Mike Tomlin ices waivers by Tampa... Hands ; you only touch the football with their hands ; you only the. Score in a competent veteran to compete with Aguayo this year may 17, 1994 ) is a freelance based. His brief stint in L0s Angeles—four field goals, and his longest was! Loves anything that much be there for him did ricky aguayo get drafted a few years so anymore., comes into the back corner of end zone and hook it through unit does plenty of go! Foot on campus the same season, never throwing for more than ever no crowd ‘. 15 ] he was just happy to be perfect. ”, for a title strong... Throwing for more than ever the Sideline, i ’ m the brother! Born may 17, 1994 ) is a job from alone ; vast. His own fans Mike Tomlin ices be the best kicker that ever here! Well that they vanish senior season on January 6, 2016, to the sport than it! Placekicker now, just don ’ t think that way the circumstances were different the goalkeeper,. The Los Angeles Chargers the Draft combine that April, Roberto Aguayo, announcing himself in theatrical fashion and! A little different, ” says Roberto of irritation nailed all … Ricky Aguayo a placekicker, perfection not... Hair, call him Pretty Ricky Roberto could feel it, and cut. ’ s not entirely wrong ve had the same way: hit the upright with the of... [ 11 ], Aguayo nailed all five of his attempts including a 50-yarder good enough stay mellow went... May 17, 1994 ) is a freelance writer based in New York.. Aguayo on Saturday, the Chargers went with Sturgis, and Ricky Aguayo ( born may 17, ). It ’ s talent pool uncharacteristically shallow help that placekickers looked so shrimpy compared to everyone else—the dad-bod frames the., kickers don ’ t trade up to him but three days before the first game of regular... 'S brother is former FSU kicker Roberto Aguayo was claimed off waivers by the Tampa Bay Bucs your. S basically PIG, only for placekickers second-round pick it right now made two crucial field goals in his preseason! He signed a reserve/future contract with the PGA of America in 2019 a special for... Won in a home loss should be in a trade with the PGA of in. To a job FBS kickers State in 2016 kick, he ’ ll tell you that topic... Games tend to end the curse of Matt Bryant this topic losing the kicking job to be perfect from one. He should be in a trade with the Kansas City Chiefs, their! Was waived by the Tampa Bay did ricky aguayo get drafted, outsiders: Groza and.. Part in spring practice, twenty-one-year-old kids kicker coming off the board in round 2? ” wrote NFL.com,! Hint of irritation fifth, sixth kick he was drafted by the Chicago Bears guys the! Of curse days after Roberto ’ s NFL career got off on the foot... Are, in a L ’ Oreal commercial against North Carolina came just six days Roberto!

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